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Prescription Refills

It is always best to anticipate your prescription refill needs and have any necessary prescriptions written during your scheduled office visit or treatment. Please bring your pharmacy number along with the container of the medicine that needs to be refilled. If you are unable to do so, please call our office as early as possible during regular office hours for your refill of non-narcotic prescriptions. All prescription requests will be handled promptly. Have your pharmacy number handy as well as the container of the medication you need refilled.

By law, you must have a written prescription for narcotics such as Percocet, MS Contin or Oxycontin. That means no narcotic pain prescriptions can be made after office hours or during the weekends. No exceptions are possible because of Federal regulations. We are extremely sympathetic to your needs and we want you to have the medications you need when you need them, but we cannot violate the law. It is always best to anticipate and get your prescriptions written while you are seeing your Physician. We thank you in advance for understanding these policies.

Please carefully monitor your need for pain medication refills and allow ample time to acquire a written prescription.

Pharmacy Program

As a service to our patients, we are able to dispense oral chemotherapy prescription medications and some prescriptions related to your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you start this program?
This prescription program is a service to our patients. We know how difficult it is to obtain some of these medications. We also know how expensive they can be. We want to save you time and frustration by allowing us to work with your insurance company. We will ensure your medication is available to you as quickly as possible.

Do you take my prescription insurance?
Yes, for most patients. We have contracts with the majority of prescription insurance plans. We are able to use your conventional drug benefits as well as Medicare and Medicare Part D. ourselves.

Will my prescription be more expensive?
No. Out of pocket costs will be dictated by your prescription plan coverage and it will be the same at any dispensing pharmacy.

Will I need to wait a long time to receive my prescription?
No. We will research and verify your chemotherapy prescription benefits and patients assistant program (if you are eligible). Our goal is to insure a timely and cost-effective method to start you on your prescription.

How will I know when my prescription is ready?
We will call you and secure arrangements with you at that time. We have several options available. Just give us a call.

Can I start the pharmacy program today?
Yes. Talk with your physician and/or nurse about filling your oral chemotherapy prescription. Please allow the receptionist to copy your prescription benefit card to ensure accurate and timely processing.

Can I refill a prescription I received at your office, or one I filled previously at a different pharmacy?
Yes. Please contact Gina Alden, RN, Jamie Filutowski, LPN or Nicole Reidel, LPN, to arrange for a refill through our dispensing program.

Can you dispense a drug that is prescribed by other physicians?
No, UHO pharmacy program is available only for dispensing chemotherapy drugs and other drugs related directly to your Hematology/Oncology care.